What our amazing customers are saying about Clean Slate Suds laundry products.

I am flipping out over this laundry detergent! I have an older front loader that I hate, because if I leave our laundry in it more than a couple hours a wretched funk permeates the fabric of our clothes. I never thought I would get this funk out of our clothes or the odor that breeds in my son’s football gear and gloves. Hallelujah!!! I am no longer a slave to my laundry. Thank you, Clean Slate Suds.
— Mindy Veary Kloser

My 4 year old got her hands on a black sharpie pen at preschool, and came home with marks on her new pink shirt. Gave the Stain Stick a go and what do you know, it worked! Shirt looks like new again! Thank you Clean Slate Suds for a fabulous product.
— Tricia Jones

Love the way Clean Slate Suds Lemongrass Washing Powder smell so good in the can but doesn’t leave any lingering scent on the laundry. And the stain stick is a miracle worker!
— Natasha Niro

I absolutely love these products! I have tried so many natural detergents, and these are by far the best! Thank you Tiff for being so talented.
— Jenni Allen
Clean Slate Suds are the ONLY products I trust with my whites, salon capes and towels. Crisp and beautifully scented they pack a powerful punch. I love that these products are made by hand and locally, with much thought and time going into each item in the line. Absolutely adore the owner and her creation. In addition to the amazing Washing Powders, every person should own a Clean Slate Suds Stain Stick. It has saved more clothing items then I can count, from hair color dye to oil, and everything in between. This klutzy girl gal would be lost without these rad little bars!
— Beth Ann Keen @Salon Joie de Vivre

Clean Slate Suds washing powder is by far the best I’ve used in regards to an all natural and gentle detergent. The stain stick got a grease stain out of a skirt of mine, that had been washed AND dried before the stick was applied. It’s incredible! Everyone needs to try these incredible products!
— Tami Matthews

I LOVE your products! Wow! I desperately need more soap....
— Kathy Grady
We take clothing -care VERY SERIOUSLY at Denim Salvage! Thats why Clean Slate Suds are ALL that we use and trust to deep clean our recycled designer denim. We also have sensitive skin and consider the health of our environment when choosing a powerful detergent to prolong the life of our clothing...Clean Slate Suds is our natural choice. THANK YOU Clean Slate Suds!
— Denim Salvage

For 2 years I have been struggling with terrible stinking laundry from my front load washer. I used natural liquid detergent. I tried washer scent beads and scented dryer sheets, all of them masked the odor a little, but it was still stinky. And towels yuck, after one use they smelled horrible. Now the good part, I got a Washing Powder sample and used it on my towels and instantly noticed a difference. I ordered EO Lemongrass Washing Powder, I washed several loads and WOW, my towels this morning after shower didn’t stink. I’ve noticed after each load the smell that has been constant in my washer for so long is starting to weaken. Its awesome, no more smelly laundry, no more yucky scent beads, and all the other junk...and the clothes feel better. So happy to have found this product.
— Selina Galvin
We made fun of the idea that people look forward to doing their laundry, and i’m sure the novelty will wear off. I have to admit that for the first time in ages my house doesn’t have laundry piled up. I actually don’t mind staying on top of it, when I use Clean Slate Suds.
— Emily Teixeira

OH MY GOODNESS - Tiffany, you are a genius! I had no idea you were creating such awesome products. I bought some of this fabulous laundry soap (lavender of course) & my stinky washing machine is stinky no more. I had a very fun wash day after I got this - washing everything I could find. My usual method is to put in extra soap & then run the items entirely though a second washing cycle. (more soap to get things clean & good smelling, then more washing & rinsing to get the soap out). I LOVE THIS STUFF! Everything you say on your website is absolutely true. I’ve been frustrated about this for years. And behold - my awesome granddaughter has given me happy happy laundry days to come! (& it only takes a tablespoon & 1/2 -I have a top loader). Yes, it is really important to me to have lovely smelling sheets & towels for my company!!!
— Celeste Fox