As the mom of 4 active youngsters ranging from elementary to high school age, I do a lot of laundry.  Jeans, socks, sports uniforms, towels (tons of towels) – I’ve washed it all.  A couple of years ago, the hubby and I saved up to buy a beautiful, new high-efficiency washing machine.  I had visions of saving time and money by doing laundry more quickly, for less cost.  Sadly, my romance with my high-efficiency washer was short-lived.  Before long, the washer began to stink.  The clothes run through the washer began to stink.  The entire laundry room was enveloped in a thick funky odor, and so were we.  It was embarrassing.  I tried double-washing every load and switching laundry detergents frequently, measures that helped to reduce the stink but didn’t completely solve the problem.

Then I spent a weekend with my grandmother, listening to her stories of living on a farm when she was a young girl.  When she talked about how they washed the laundry – the machines, the washing powder they used - something clicked.  When I returned home I started researching the mechanics of contemporary washing machine technology and the high-efficiency machines designed to use less water than previous models.  I examined the ingredient lists of commercial laundry detergents, studying every chemical compound, its purpose and function.

I discovered three important factors that were affecting the ability of my high-efficiency washing machine to function at its peak performance:

1.   I was using too much detergent per load of laundry

2.  Most commercial detergents are full of ‘fillers.’

3.  Detergent residue builds up over time.

What does this mean exactly?  Basically, the ingredients in the detergents I was using were not cooperating with my high-efficiency machine to thoroughly clean my laundry.  That’s because the fillers that create bulk in the product (making you think you’re getting more “value” for your hard-earned dollars) are hard to wash away with the limited amount of water used by high-efficiency washing machines.  Commercial detergents contain mostly chemicals and synthetic materials that are cheap to produce, but don’t guarantee superior cleaning power. Add in that following manufacturer’s directions means using too much detergent per load and you’ve got a recipe for a pretty stinky laundry room. Putting it all together, high-efficiency washers don’t use enough water to flush out all the detergent, leaving residue to build up in the machine and on our clothes, and eventually to be absorbed by our skin.  Yuk.

This revelation led to two years of testing and development of a laundry powder that is SIMPLE, NATURAL, and POWERFUL.  Clean Slate Suds laundry powders are hand-crafted in small batches and personally tested to insure quality and consistency of our products.  My laundry and washing machine smell fresh and clean – no more funky stink!  I’m proud to share my discovery with you.  Welcome to Clean Slate Suds – the difference is in the suds.

- Tiffany Burnett

TIFFANY - founder of Clean Slate Suds

Tiffany Burnett’s evolution toward becoming a laundry enthusiast began after the birth of her first child thrust her into the world of never-ending piles of laundry. The addition of three more children led to a quest for greater efficiency in the laundry room, but mediocre cleaning products coupled with new washing machine technology proved an exercise in frustration.  Tiffany’s entrepreneurial spirit sparked a vision for developing a line of laundry cleaning products that are simple, natural, and powerful – the foundation on which Clean Slates Suds Washing Powders were created.

Tiffany has been married to her high school sweetie for 14 years.  They share an urban homestead in Oregon with four brilliant and busy children, a pair of bouncy Boxer pups, a coop full of chickens, and an exasperated rabbit.

I handcraft high quality, all natural Washing Powder. Designed for residue free washing in high efficiency washing machines. I created the line to reduce mildew funk in machines, by eliminating residue left behind from commercial detergents.
— Tiffany Burnett


Clean Slate Suds provides handcrafted, natural and powerful laundry products.


Clean Slate Suds is a family-owned company providing environmentally friendly laundry products for the home user. A continual process of research and development allow us to insure that only the best ingredients are used in all our products.


Clean Slate Suds is committed to creating eco friendly products free of harmful chemicals. Our products are prepared in small batches in order to maintain consistency and highest quality.